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How would your body feel if you could strike out against someone who hurt you? Identify one instance, relationship, or area in your life where you tend to freeze in some way. Take three deep breaths. KC repeat three times: This freeze response Side of Eye: I freeze Under Eye: I freeze Under Mouth: This freeze response Collarbone: When did it start? Why does it happen? Why do I freeze like that? I can relax when I think about it Side of Eye: I can stop judging myself for having this freeze response Under Eye: I can feel calm when I look at this Under Arm: I can feel safe in my body when I think about this response Top of Head: Feeling relaxed and safe now.

As you recall instance s where you resorted to the freeze response, include any physical sensations, emotions, and sensory details—sights, sounds, smells—that come to mind. Tap through the points as you let yourself release the words and fight-or-flight urges you have needed to experience but never did. These really help to fine-tune your focus on applying each daily subject to your own personal life.

I kept crying through this process. As soon as I read this article and how this freeze response works I started crying! I have no recollection of anything specific happening in my childhood but have an overall feeling that I froze and have all my life had moments of freezing.

I need a lot more tapping on this but I just wanted to write because I was surprised at my emotional reaction to this. Something in me obviously needs to be tapped out. Thanks for sharing, Karen. Maybe you could explore you emotional response further and tap on it to see if any subconscious memories come to mind.

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Hi Nick, Thanks for the article. Recently, I was remembering a life-threatening episode that happened to me when I was around 9y. It was an accident and I froze, something like Ute. But my memories also lack emotions.

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In , I had another accident, a car accident, and again the same freeze response. This time I cried when I got home, just glad to be alive and well. I just really want to release all negative episodes from my past that are on my way, lol. But if there are no corresponding negative emotions attached to it, is the experience still having a detrimental affect on your life right now? Tapping does not release or erase the memories around an experience, either from the past or in the present.

It simply addresses the emotions, energy, and limiting beliefs around them. This email made me realize Why I have been doing that. I thought I was just avoiding conflicts but then later I would still be very upset. But then I remembered a situation in the 4th grade where my teacher had yelled at me and another student about doing something that another adult had told us to do. These teachers at this school often hit kids and were aggressive in other ways, so I shut down to protect myself.

The tapping exercise brought up a lot of anger in me. But it also brought out a release and understanding of myself. Thanks Nick for sharing this insight with us.

Opossums The Most Misunderstood Marsupial

Thanks for sharing, and keep exploring those moments of fear and tap on them one by one. You will progressively get stronger and more confident. I was thinking about this recently. About how to clear trauma before the PTSD flares up so badly that it is debilitating. My new boyfriend is in the military and I can sense that he does not sleep well. I can sense that he is already traumatized but since he has 3 years left before he retires that he will not fully process until it is over.

So how can I help him with tapping now was my question. Can tapping be effective and implemented prior to mental awareness that the trauma has occurred? Before one realizes that they are in the fight or flight?

Tapping can be used daily to clear out any troublesome or stressful events that may have occurred during that day or week. There are many certified practitioners that can help as well.


You can see a list here. Thank you Nick ever so much for the story about the bear, possum, and rabbit experiencing the freeze response. Being diagnosed with PTSD many years ago, the episodes had been rather quiescent for a number of years but recently were triggered again into painful manifestation. It is so difficult to talk with anyone who does not really know about PTSD and the frustration of feeling isolated and different exacerbates the recall symptoms.

Reading the story and going through the exercises helped me today as I have experienced mild to moderate PTSD recall events several times throughout the last few months. Many thanks to you and Jessica for all the wonderful work you guys do. Knowing and having experienced the tremendous value and benefits of EFT, I do confess a desire to become more involved in the pursuit of EFT knowledge and even think about studying to become an EFT practitioner.

Peace be with us all. When I was in our dairy farm and my dad was trying to back the tractor up to hitch onto the wagon ongue. I was going to be so strong and so special so I went out to help my daddy. As he backed up the tractor I was to hold the metal wagon tongue which is quite huge, heavy and long!

Possums are sometimes seen in Minnesota

I centered it so carefully. Though my little body was small, I had a huge amount of physical strength , just like my dad. After they're born, each of the young completes an arduous, unaided, and solo journey to their mother's pouch. Like other marsupials, they then attach themselves to a teat and begin feeding.

A Possum, a Polar Bear, and a Rabbit: Understanding the Freeze Response

And it's there — inside the warm and protective pouch — that they remain for a little over two months to grow and develop before venturing out again. Even so, the security of their mother's pouch is such that for another month the baby opossums are in and out and rarely go very far from mother.

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When they are about the size of mice, opossum babies begin spending most of their time hitching rides on their mother's back until becoming more independent and eventually leaving all together. The Virginia opossum is covered in grayish fur everywhere except for its feet, tail, and ears.

The nakedness of these body parts might lend credence to why the animals are not often seen farther north. Nonetheless, the assumed shortcomings haven't stopped the non-hibernating opossums from taking up residence in Minnesota. Other anatomically unique features of the opossum is its tail and "thumbs. The thumbs, or "halluxes," are indeed opposable, just like our own thumbs.

Though located only on the rear feet, an opossum's halluxes enable the animals to securely grasp branches as they maneuver up and down trees. Perhaps one of the most interesting opossum behaviors is what it will do when threatened or frightened.

Possum Hunting | Qui Parle | Duke University Press

Purely a survival mechanism, opossums are masters at fooling would-be predators into thinking that they're dead. It's of course where the expression, "playing 'possum" originally came from. Opossums will frequently roll over, stiffen out, salivate, and breathe ever so slowly in a coma-like state that can last as long as four hours. Such behaviors often confuses predators that are accustomed to chasing their prey.

Thus, some potential opossum predators give up and leave. And though the small opossum that quickly crossed the road in front of my truck a few nights ago didn't employ this particular survival tactic, it's well and good that it didn't, for few would survive for long playing dead on roadways! The Virginia opossum is a strange but interesting mammal that has slowly migrated northerly, seemingly finding a niche in parts of Minnesota.