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Sep 19, Evelyn rated it really liked it. This book is a well researched piece of fiction telling accounts of female circumcision in the Muslim world, specifically Sudan. This custom perpetuated by fear and men's power over women is incredibly inhumane and has resulted in mutilation and deaths. The author helps one understand the cultural forces that allow this to continue. Oct 26, Lisa rated it it was amazing.

Couldn't put it down. I read it in three sittings. Realistic fiction based on true stories of girls who become women in areas of Africa, growing up under oppression of many different types, including female circumcision. Makes me want to make a difference for them somehow.

Escaping the Twilight

So grateful I was born someplace else but so desirous to join Sigrid in her adventure to bring good change to the world. Jun 20, Holly rated it really liked it. I did a research paper in college on Female Genital Mutilation, so I was very interested in reading this book. I don't think the writing was all that riveting, but the subject matter kept my attention. I appreciate the opportunity to read about FGM from the viewpoint of someone who suffered from it, even if the character was fictional. Sep 04, Estela is currently reading it. The story is well written and very gripping.

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I "enjoyed" it although it's not correct to say I enjoyed reading about someone's pain , but it did give me several nights of troubled sleep because of the events she described. Jun 28, Donna rated it it was amazing. The story of one woman and her desire to break free. Although a work of fiction it was able to bring you into the world of female circumcision and brought an awareness of the plight of women world wide. Oct 15, Rhonda Dickherber rated it really liked it.

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This was a disturbing book. I have not heard much of female circumcision and it was difficult to even think about. It also provides a look inside the life of women in predominately Muslim countries.

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Submitted for your approval,. Two people permanently enslaved by the tyranny of fear and superstitution, facing the future with a kind of helpless dread. Two others facing the future with confidence - having escaped one of the darker places of the Twilight Zone. Booth Templeton, who shared with most human beings the hunger to recapture the past moments, the ones that soften with the years. But in his case, the characters of his past blocked him out and sent him back to his own time, which is where we find him now.

Booth Templeton, who had a round-trip ticket - into The Twilight Zone.

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Look to your looms again, faster and faster fly the great shuttles prepared by the master. Poole, a human coin, on edge for a brief time - in the Twilight Zone. Changing of the Guard — Watch On Hulu A professor forced into retirement is on the verge of suicide but decides to not kill himself after a supernatural encounter with former students who were inspired by his teachings.

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A very small scholastic lesson, from the campus of the Twilight Zone. Playing telephone with the dead is standard fare in the Twilight Zone. A fact or a fantasy, a substance or a shadow - but all of it very much a part of The Twilight Zone.

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  • And, like all of us, was frightened of the dark. Object lesson for the more frightened amongst us, in or out, of the Twilight Zone. Looks Can Be Deceiving When things around you don't make sense, that doesn't always mean you're crazy. It sits there in the stars waiting, waiting with the patience of eons, forever waiting And at this moment we have just finished walking with her in a nightmare.