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Truly, never; and if God makes us Christians, we ought never to be afraid of such a thing as a sneer, or a jeer, or a joke on account of our Christianity. Perhaps some will say that they do love Christ; but that, if they publicly declared their affection for him, they would provoke opposition. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. First, you should publicly acknowledge your love for Christ, because Jesus Christ deserves and demands that acknowledgment.

He was not ashamed of his love for us. He left all the glories of heaven that he might take up our cause; and when we came to his feet, burdened, and guilty, and full of despair, there was not one lovely trait in our character to attract him toward us; yet he took pity on us, and loved us, and saved us; and now he pleads for us in heaven.

He is not ashamed to call us brothers and sisters; so, surely, we ought, bravely and joyfully, to declare that we are on his side. Secondly, you should publicly acknowledge your love for Christ, because it puts you among the most blessed company. Thirdly, if you do love the Lord, confess that fact, because your acknowledgment may influence others. Fourthly, you must publicly acknowledge your love for Christ, because it may be a great blessing to yourself to declare your love to Christ. I always look back, with deep gratitude, to the day when I was baptized.

You know that we baptize no one except those who profess to have believed in our Lord Jesus Christ, so it is absolutely certain that we attribute no saving grace to baptism in water; yet, at the same time, we have proved, again and again, that there is a distinct blessing in the observance of the ordinance.

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It was so in my case; up to that time, I was timid and fearful, and afraid to confess Christ; but after I went into the river, and was publicly baptized into his death, I lost all fear of man, and I think I can honestly say that I have never been ashamed to acknowledge my Lord from that day to this. That coming out boldly for Christ was like passing the point of no return, or burning the boats; no retreat was possible after that, nor have I ever wanted to go back to the world from which I then came out.

The world has had many an cruel word for me from that day to this, and there is no love lost between us; I am done with the world as the world is done with me; I am crucified to the world, and the world to me. The man that dwells where Jesus is, Must be forever blessed. We do not love God because we tried to do so; true love cannot come in that way.

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So, this highest type of human love - our love to God - overpowers us; it is never the result of effort on our part. I never tried to love my sons; I cannot help loving them; my love to them is not the effect of any effort on my part. It is as free as the dew that drops from heaven; we may not know how it comes, but we know that we have not made it. You love even an earthly object because you cannot help yourself, and you love God because he is infinitely lovely, and because he has so completely won your heart as to engross your whole affection.

Because he first loved us, and that love of his has been shed abroad in our hearts, we have loved him in return as a matter of course; we could not help doing so. The mighty depths of his immeasurable love, high up on the eternal hills, flow down into the inmost recesses of our empty hearts; and when, afterwards, a fountain of love is seen springing up out of them, the secret of its action is to be traced to that great reservoir way up on the everlasting hills.

Love can look the Savior in the face, and point to his beauties, which fully justify all its admiration of him, and devotion to him. We read the story of Christ - of his unique life in human flesh, and his sacrificial death for our sins, and we say that, if we did not love him, we would be the most ungrateful of all men. As he has laid down his life for us, and as he still lives to carry on the work of our salvation, as he has loved us from before the creation of the world, and will love us when this world has passed away, we must love him. So you see dear brothers and sisters, that our love to our Lord Jesus Christ is an effect produced by a great cause, namely, his eternal love to us.

He will put a crown on my head, and I shall sit with him on his throne; and this may happen within a week, perhaps I shall spend next Sunday seeing him face to face.

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Can your hearts resist his charms? Hard is the heart that does not feel some sweet affection move, whenever the love of Christ is proclaimed. I know that some of you are greatly distressed because you cannot love Christ as much as you would like to do, and you keep on fretting because it is so. Now, just forget your own love to him, and think of his great love to you; and then, immediately, your love will come to something more like that which you would desire it to be. I say that our love to Christ is a very simple kind of love, and I want you to keep it that way, because some people treat it metaphysically, that is in an abstract manner.

Now, what is love?

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Will somebody give us a clear definition of it. Having faith in Jesus Christ does not mean that we can disregard or disrespect other religions. The Church holds in special regard the people of Judaism and Islam. They share a special connection with Christians because the three religions trace their history through a common person: Far from merely tolerating other religious traditions, the Church calls us to engage in dialogue with other religious traditions.

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The Church calls Christians to work with people of other religious traditions in order to better understand one another and to preserve and promote social justice, moral welfare, peace and freedom for all humankind Nostra Aetate a. Twenty-five years after Nostra Aetate , the Church revisited its commitment to interreligious dialogue.

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The document studies the meaning of both dialogue and proclamation and their mutual relationship. No portion of The New American Bible may be reprinted without permission in writing from the copyright holder. Shipping Notice Loyola Press offices will be closed beginning at 2: Discover how the Beatitudes can help shape your own life. Did you know that the Paschal Mystery is part of our everyday life?

Everything belongs to you, and you belong to Christ, and Christ belongs to God. It was the insulted Sovereign who first dreamed of mercy towards the rebels; the injured Father who first thought of His ungrateful children.

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Wondrous secret- that from all eternity, the Heart of God was all Love to us! Think of the Surety of the Covenant. It was the adorable Son of the Father. He voluntarily accepted the Covenant stipulations: I delight to do Your will, O my God!